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Pub Race 2012

2012 Events

The Great Whitchurch Pub Race 2012

June 3rd 2012

Top Team effort
The Great British Ambulance Service

Best Costumes
1st: Mario and Friends
2nd: Snow Patrol
3rd: Feed the Pony

Fastest Team

1st: Team Work Always Triumphs : 30 minutes
2nd: Greasy Bad Boys : 30 minutes
3rd: Los Ultimo Gueros : 33 minutes

Most Donations collected on the day
1st: Mario and Friends : £232.29
2nd: Les Femmes l’Avenir : £167.88
3rd: Beer Test Dummies : £145.91

Most pledged in advance
1st: Les Femmes l’Avenir
2nd: Mario and Friends

Images Courtesy of Phil Cooper at www.thewhitchurchweb.org

Most Money Raised Top 10
Les Femmes L'avenir £668.88
Mario & Friends £511.69
Beer Test Dummies £145.91
Feed the Pony £133.41
Stop Horsing Around £104.08
Team Kiss Fist £96.76
Super Beered up Wannabes £89.53
Whitchurch Wonderland £89.03
I'm sure they said Madonna £75.43
The Avengers £74.04

Fastest Team Top 10
T.W.A.T (team work always triumphs) 30mins

Greasy Bad Boys 30mins
Los Ultimo Guerreros 33mins
Lets Get Ready to Rumble 38mins
Team Darwin 40mins
Ugga Ugga Ugg! 48mins
Dead Awesome 50mins
No Scrubs 52mins
Clowning Around 56mins
Geeks With Sheek 56mins


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